About TPT

She is bold, she is brave, she is strong, she is fearless, she is real, and she is royal. A woman like you, a woman like me, a woman like no other. Whatever she wants to be, whatever you need her to be, she is everything.

The Princess Theory intends to uplift, support, and encourage young women and awaken the princess in all of us.

Created by Neeka Lewis, affectionately known as "Neeks" to family and friends, The Princess Theory is a blog made up of the different interests and passions of a 20 year old college student. Originally created as a personal outlet, TPT is now presented to the world as a positive space for women of any age who enjoy the treasures of life.

To contact Neeka:
Twitter - @princess_neeks/@_PrincessTheory
Instagram - @princess_neeks/@theprincesstheory
Email - sh.lewis@wingate.edu/theprincesstheory@gmail.com

*All images and content are the property of The Princess Theory unless otherwise noted. Use of any content or images require in-post citation and link-banks where applicable.

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